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  • We offer a diverse range of products for insulating your new home. Wall insulation can vary from 75mm (R1.5) up to a heavy density, high performance 90mm (R2.7) Batt.


  • Ceiling insulation varies from a R2.5 90mm up to a high performance R6 260mm thick, but when designing your home ask your energy rater to specify what rating is needed to achieve your maximum comfort.


Is it better to insulate my home after building is finished?

We believe it is always better to insulate your new home during the building process. When attempting to install insulation after a building is complete it can become more complex and involve removal of plasterboard, drilling of holes, roof removal, etc. These steps can be costly and time consuming. Whenever possible it is best to insulate within the building process, preferably after the electrical wires and plumbing has been installed.


Can I insulate the ceilings myself? 

Yes, you can. However there may be low areas that you are unable to access and for which it is required that sections of the roof are removed. This is often the case for low pitch ceilings, rake ceilings, etc. Again such complexities can be both difficult and time consuming and are best left to the professionals.




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