Removing Old Insulation

Benefits of Removing Old Insulation

  • No rubbish, dust or animal droppings, etc
  • No dust seeping through air vents
  • Cost saving on energy bills
  • Clean ceiling
  • New insulation will be fitted correctly 

Many older homes have an insulation R Rating of R1.5 or R2 (75mm-90mm thickness) whereas most new homes are insulated with a minimum of R2 in the walls and R4 in the ceilings (6 star rating).

With a higher star rating and due to the colder more extreme weather, it may be possible to top up your existing insulation. Be aware however that occasions can arise where the pre existing surfaces are uneven and this can result in new Batts being unable to be correctly fitted. 

In these instances removal of your old insulation would be more efficient. Alternatively blowing in Rockwall (melted rock) over the top of your existing insulation is also an option, and most likely less expensive.  

Our insulation specialists will be able to inspect your ceiling and advise on the best solutions for your home. 

We can also remove  and dispose of your old insulation weather Batts, or old cellulose, Rockwall, Seaweed, etc. 

When disposing of your old Batts we place them in bags in your ceiling and then load the bags on our trailer ready to be safely dumped. Afterwards we vacuum all the dust. If your old insulation consists of cellulose, Rockwall or similar products then our trailer mounted vacuum will suck all the dust etc into a 400litre vacuum bag on our trailer ready to be safely dumped afterwards. 

In every circumstance we ensure that all products are safely removed and disposed of - leaving no mess or clean up for you.

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